Rise of the Lich

Palado and the goblin attacks.
Goblin attacks
(Rufio) Thri-kreen Monk
(Anya) Elf Weaponmaster
(Kwijibo) Dragonborn Paladin
(Aragon) Elf Hunter
(Cassile) Half-elf Shaman

When the party arrived in the farm village at dusk, they were tired and greeted by Varus the village mayor. He then ask them to help and have them get their rest. But in the night, a pack of goblins had other plans. Cassile decide to stay up for a bit for a few drinks and was able to catch the goblins in the act as well as Aragon heard them outside skittering across the Inn’s yard. Cassile ran up the stairs to wake the others while Aragon decided to stop a few from going further with a few keen shots from his longbow from the upstairs window. Kwijibo and Anya followed Cassile down stairs to take care of this threat, before they could get down Rufio was already out the door and taking out a few of the goblins, but that left him open for the Goblin Sharpshooters to attack. He then took two bolts: one to the leg and the other to the chest which left him scrambling. Anya darted out and dispatched one herself and Kwijibo ran and charged the Goblin Hexer in the corner barking the orders, but fumbled the attack and nearly lost his balance. Meanwhile, two of the Goblin Warriors decide to take it upon themselves to ignore the party and pillage a near by storehouse.

The Goblin Hexer then cast Vexing Cloud to try and hinder the party but to no avail. He was then knocked prone from Rufio with newly restored vigor from Cassile’s healing and with the same attack killing the nearby Sharpshooter. Earlier Aragon saw that the Warriors went into the storehouse and decided to wait for them to come out as did Anya but they did not rooting through the boxes seemed much too enjoyable for them. Kwijibo finished off the Hexer and rushed to the storehouse to dispatch the Warriors as he went in Anya followed. Kwijibo landed a great blow followed by Anya skewing them both with her Halberd ending both of them. A sigh of relief and accomplishment flowed through the party as the mayor ran up to them.

The adventures have now made a few friends in the near by farm village of Palado. Varus congratulated them on a job well done for protecting the village from the goblin attack. And proceeded to ask for more help to further protect them by going to the goblin hideout to defeat them there for a small amount “200gp”. They accepted. The adventures then tracked the goblins through the forest to the south for a few hours it was a very easy trek for the party. They made it there in time to notice a few Goblin Blackblades preparing an ambush for the players. But they tried an ambush of their own, of course Cassile had a different idea to try and sneak up with Rufio to get the drop on them, but the goblins gladly changed it for her. Lucky Rufio and Aragon were able to surprise the goblins with their attacks. They easily dispatched the wannabe ambushers.

So they delved into the hillside hideout. As they went in they were meet with a false floor were most of the party walked passed with ease, except Cassile, she failed to walk the ledge like the rest of the party and Aragon had to catch her just before she fell. After the scare of a 10’ fall for one the members, they pressed onward, then came to a set of double doors were Rufio notice a suspicious like nature about it, it was trapped. So he then disabled it. Little did he know the door was the alarm trigger not the trap, so in the next room lay in wait was a spear trap. He found first hand it was not to be trifled with and nearly lost an arm but one of the spears grazed his side for a deep wound, but pressed on to find the control panel. Which he then disabled the trap…

To be continued…

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